Anita Kooker Musteen: Kooker, Cummings and Knight Research, Links and Photos

Mildred Cummings Kooker

Mildred Cummings Kooker

The Kooker family was linked to the Musteen family, when Dwight and Mildred Kooker’s only daughter, Anita, married Joe Brown Musteen on November 11, 1950 (Veterans Day). Joe was was in Army boot camp before being sent to Korea. He rushed home to Rogers, AR for the wedding and took Anita back to Fort Carson. (Joe was a descendant of Thomas Mustain’s son Avery.)

This page will give you links to extensive family research and 500 of Mildred Cummings Kooker’s photos (photo link coming soon).

Many thanks to Mildred’s youngest son, Stephen Kooker, for converting the 500+ page manually-typed Knight Family History binders to PDF files, plus scanning and indexing his mother’s photos.

Chery Kooker Brainerd, granddaughter of Mildred Cummings Kooker, meticulously compiled research for Henry Kooker Descendants. See her March 21, 2007 note on page 1 of the main file. Chery also gave us two condensed views to find details quickly. Download here.