Avery Mustain – Maps of Revolutionary War Service

Here’s a great resource to see and share!

Chris Mustain studied Avery’s Revolutionary War Pension application and plotted military service into three time-specific maps. Like Chris, I’d read the details several times, but I didn’t see that Avery’s enlistment was not continuous service.

I can vouch that Chris’ research is meticulous. He read more about events and researched engagements, like the Battle of Camden.

“I was very careful about locating things like ferry crossings and place names where the modern spelling is different. Each map has a short narrative that roughly follows the pension application, removing some details and adding others. The pension application appears to be very accurate in terms of which month of what year each event occurred. Several 3rd party sources confirmed events listed in the pension application.”

See the maps of Avery’s experience here. One tracks Avery’s service in 1776, another in 1780, and finally in1781.

See on Ancestry.com this image of Original Documentation.* I’ve also added to a Pinterest family history board for us.

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Avery Mustain Pension

Avery Mustain Pension

Here is the typed text of Avery’s pension application. U.S government waited 50 years after the war (1832) to accept pension requests.

I agree with Chris that seeing a map “helps make their life stories more real…when I can visualize the locations.” Kudos for the time and skill invested to create these maps for us!

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