Delores M. Mustaine’s Book: The Descendants of Thomas Mustain of Pittsylvania County, Virginia

Delores M Mustaine's Book

To open the digital file, see the line in red.

I know now of three very detailed sources of Mustain and related families research.

The first is Delores M. Mustaine’s book, which has been scanned and is online at this link.

Delores’ book has a wealth of detail. Please do note this May 12, 2015 message that I received from another Mustain researcher on

“Hello Delores’ book is not entirely accurate. The lines in it conflate the lineages of several Thomas Mustain families that lived in or at one time resided in Henrico, Pittsylvania and Halifax (VA and Nova Scotia) at around the same time. I have done some sifting through the twists and turns of the several families and found the lineage of the Ohio Mustaines is part first nation. I also had the benefit of being able to examine the Wilson Mustaine papers. Which indicate a French Canadian connection for Thomas Mustain the Long hunter. Additional information can be found at this link.”

There is a post on this blog for Carolyn McKenzie’s compilations. Here’s a link to the article with a few notes about using.

George Mustain, who knew both Delores and Carolyn as fellow researchers, retired from active research in late 2014. You can see his great volume of data at this link.

More About Using and Printing Delores’ Book

To print pages from Delores’ book, just select the pages and use your browser’s Print button. The front of Delores’ book gives names and pages in a Table of Contents to find main segments.

Advantage of Viewing Online Is Search Capability

One note: I’ve found the top menu bar with a search box does not show up in Google Chrome browser, but it WILL be visible in Internet Explorer 9. In response to details shared by Glen W. Mustian, I recently searched all 451 pages for the name Mustian and found one entry.

While the image above lists surnames of: Mustain, Shelton, Keesee, Moor, Greene, Dalton and Dove, there are actually many more in the book. At several places, Delores gave an alphabetical list of names. This is another way that search is helpful.

For birth, death and marriage dates and locations, I often compare Delores’ book and Carolyn’s research. They usually agree, but they don’t always have the same details. A few places I’ve found that Carolyn will have a fact in one of her three research formats that is not included in another. When we look at how complex the task must have been, we can understand!

If you have research links, photos or details to share with others in our extended family, please comment on this post.


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