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Dear Family, we find new details, other researchers are generous to share, and source links change. I thought a “Fast Index of Updates” might save us time in staying current. Dated changes are below.

Delores’ Mustaine Book details: May 20, 2015

Added this text:

Delores’ book has a wealth of detail. Please do note this May 12, 2015 message that I received from another Mustain researcher on

“Hello Delores’ book is not entirely accurate. The lines in it conflate the lineages of several Thomas Mustain families that lived in or at one time resided in Henrico, Pittsylvania and Halifax (VA and Nova Scotia) at around the same time. I have done some sifting through the twists and turns of the several families and found the lineage of the Ohio Mustaines is part first nation. I also had the benefit of being able to examine the Wilson Mustaine papers. Which indicate a French Canadian connection for Thomas Mustain the Long hunter. Additional information can be found at this link.”

If you have validly-sourced data that improves any content you see on a post or page, please leave a comment. My goal is to share the most accurate details possible on this blog.


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