Mustain Facebook Group

I’ve recently been introduced to a group of Mustains on facebook.

Here’s the group description and link, if you’d like to join. There are 95 members, as of Jun 3, 2016. See the group Files Tab for family documents, shared by members.

Mustains of the world…unite! For years, I thought my family was the only Mustain family in the world. Now, I want to get to know as many Mustains as I can. Join us. Get to know us. Share our history

So far, I’ve learned that four newly-met members are descendants from Thomas Mustain’s son, Jesse. 

 Many of us are descended from Thomas’ son, Avery. 


2 thoughts on “Mustain Facebook Group

  1. I have found out that my ancestors were Mustains- my great-grandmother was Georgia Opal Harris- daughter of Luce Coleman Mustain. Any idea where Mustains originated in Europe?
    I can’t wait to look through your website– thank you for sharing your information with everyone!

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