Mustain & Musteen on Pinterest

Dear Extended Family, here are some developing Pinterest Boards.

I hesitate to change any board’s name, after sharing a link. So you’ll see that I’m learning as I go on the naming process.

Pin descriptions are set at 500 characters. As you view pins and their descriptions, please keep in mind:

  • I’ve added direct links to Find-a-Grave entries, where space allows. If you see a general note that says something like “Pinned from Find-a-Grave,” you may default to the main site. Just check if I’ve given  you a direct link in the pin description text.
  • When you see a person’s profile, or other link, to…you’ll need to be logged into your account to go automatically to that page.


Thomas Mustain Descendants (b 1720-1725, d 1791) – Pittsylvania County, VA


Mustain_John M. (1839 – 1922)_Confederate_Survived Siege of Vicksburg


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