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Hello, and welcome!

This blog on Thomas Mustain descendants is a work in progress. If you’re researching our family, I’m sure you find differences in spelling, dates and locations. You’ll see different date formats here, due to information copied from other sources.

If you have links to more complete or correct details, I’d appreciate your help.

It’s been a long-time dream of mine to collect family history in an engaging and easy-to-read way.

Our ancestors are fascinating, when we know something about their lives and challenges each may have faced. I think of Thomas’ son, Avery, a 20-year-old man fighting for five years in the Revolutionary War. The hardships must have seemed to drag on forever, with  little knowing what his future might hold…whether he would live to see it. I would never have been born if Avery had died.

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Thomas Mustain

Rebecca Gail Musteen Johnson, descendant of Thomas Mustain’s son, Avery.

My line of the family came down from Thomas with these generations:

1. Thomas Mustain and Mary Haley Mustain
2. Avery Mustain (Revolutionary War record and grave site)
3. Shadrack Mustain
4. Joseph Devon Mustain (*see note below)
5. Nathaniel Baxter Mustain (Civil War)
6. Nathaniel Baxter Musteen (changed after father’s death, while living with foster parents)
7. Joe Brown Musteen (Identical twin and last of 12 children, born over 26 years. Korean War)

Please leave a comment to share your knowledge of the Mustain, Mustaine and Musteen family. We’d love to know how you’re descended from Thomas. If you have photos, or any written or oral history to share, I can add one or more posts to this blog for you.

*July 28, 2014: One cousin has found information on Margaret Devin’s family, back eight generations to Thomas Noland (Nowland) born 1560 in Ireland. Neither he or I have had the chance to fully research. I’ll add a post to this blog later.


48 thoughts on “Note to Family

  1. I am a descendant of Thomas Mustain through his daughter, Mildred “Millie”, who married Jesse Keesee. I really enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks!

  2. Hi. I love the website. I am a descendant of Thomas Mustain and Mary Haley as follows:
    Saluda/Saludy & Claiborne/Claborn Shelton (Whatever spellings or variations are used. lol)
    Henly Shelton & Elizabeth
    Marquis Shelton & Melvina Cable
    Ida Florence Shelton & Thomas Ellsworth Smith
    Coleman Faye Smith & Neva Durkee
    George Smith & Julia Charlene Hales/Lamon
    Elbert Smith & Cyndi Wilcox
    (me)Sara Smith

    I started researching about 7 years ago and was absolutely fascinated with all the information out there and the old pictures and stories. When I basically deadended at Thomas, I moved to another line in my family. The Shelton’s whom seemed to tangle with the Mustains alot. I put the searches down for years and just in the last 2 weeks opened them back up. There are so many descendants coming out of the woods and more information being added what seems like daily. Let’s all keep up the great research so that generations to come can continue to pass it on and have a better understanding about where they came from.

    • Sara, I’m so glad you posted a note to tell us something about your line of our family! I have no photos of my Mustain ancestors that are earlier than my grandfather (Nathaniel Baxter Musteen), and then only of him, no siblings or parents.

      If you have any photos, or written or oral history, from your branch of our family that you’d like to share in one or more posts on this site, I’ll be glad to help by adding them for you.

      Like you, I’ve found a mystery about Thomas before about 1750.

      I agree. Let’s research and record as many details about our earlier generations as possible. I’d love for them to be real, living persons to our grandchildren and later generations.

    • Sarah Smith, I too am descended from Claiborne and Saludy Mustain as follows:

      Thomas Mustain & Mary Haley
      Claiborne Shelton & Saludy Mustain
      John Shelton (brother of Henley) & Catherine Mossbarger
      Wayne Shelton & Mary Hopkinson (from England)
      William Shelton & Lucetta Allison
      Henry Shelton & Rachel Rosetta Welsh
      Wilbur Shelton & Katherine Lucille Whalen
      Michael Thurston Shelton & Kadriye Bedriye Cale (from Istanbul, Turkey)
      (me) January Laine Shelton (Franks)

  3. I really enjoyed reading your blog on Thomas Mustain and his family. What a wonderful home that he and his wife Mary had. Thank you for making this site available to look at, so thankful to write and correspond as well.
    My great great grandmother was named Henrietta Mustain from Tennessee.
    My line follows this way.
    Thomas Avery Mustain
    Avery Mustain Rev Sol (1756 – 1833)
    Rev. Shadrack M. Mustain (1792 – 1875)
    Deverix Mustian (1823 – 1897)
    Henrietta M Mustain (1867 – 1957)
    Rufus Devraux Burnette (1885 – 1946)
    Rufus Elmore Burnette (1915 – 1984)
    Betty Lee Burnette
    Robyn Alisa Davis
    I wanted to share things that are just legends in my family about my great great grandmother Henrietta. I have no idea if they could be true and wondered if anyone else had heard the things I did as a child. The first, there is an indian princess in the Mustain line. For me, after reading as much as I have, I had come to the conclusion that an ancestor possibly married a native american and referred to her as his indian princess, which was no uncommon then in referring with much affection to their wives. Then I started researching and it seems unreal and have to research more dates, that there could be a connection to Barbados and the West Indies and wondered if possibly we had an ancestor who took a bride who was from the west indies/ Barbados and or possibly was a sailor and had a wife from descent of India or indeed India. The second which was told to me by my grandfather that we were blue bloods. He told me this when I was a young teen about 30 years ago. I had no idea what that meant and figured he was referring to that we descend from nobility and possible royal houses.. then found a condition called Methemoglobinemia which is a rare disorder that turns the skin blue.. and found that Thomas that is listed here could have possibly had it, listed in a genealogy that I feel is unproven.. it though got me wondering?? Could this possibly be? The Thomas Mustain listed there was listed as Mary Haley’s husband and also listed as related to distantly to the Fugates of Troublesome Creek, Kentucky. These are legends of course and wondered if anyone else has heard such things? Thank you once again for putting this site up, I look forward to hearing back from my distant relations. Robyn Prendergast

    • Robyn, I’m glad you left a comment. It’s always wonderful to meet distant cousins online!

      We share the same lineage, down to Shadrack’s family. I hope you can help me solve a perplexing mystery…since I’m not sure in which sources you found your lineage details. I’m not finding Deverix in the rootsweb list of Shadrack’s children, in Carolyn McKenzie’s family-tree-format research, or in Delores M. Mustaine’s book on the family. Could there have been another spelling or could this be a middle name that’s not listed?

      The only Henrietta M “Etta” Mustain I find (in Carolyn’s tree-format) was born Aug 13, 1892 and died Feb 27 1964. If you search Delores’ book (link below), there are references to Henrietta on pages 193, 196, 372 and 373. I don’t think any is your Henrietta. There’s a first name index that starts on about page 424 that’s sorted by first names within Mustain, Mustaine, etc.

      I searched through Delores’ entire book and found Indian only in reference to Indian War, an abandoned India camp, etc. The words “princess,” “native American,” “Methemoglobinemia,” “blue blood,” and “Melungeon” are not listed anywhere.

      Here’s the link. When you open the digital copy, it’s a searchable PDF document. Enter the search term in the top box, click the down arrow key and select “Find Next in Current PDF.”

      On the question about Thomas…so far, I’ve seen just one post in a family tree program (which I have not added to the blog) about Thomas possibly having Methemoglobinemia. Delores’ research for her book was so thorough, that I’d be surprised if she had found any reference and not added that into her discussion. Also, you probably saw my post titled “Mustain Name Origin.” To quote that researcher, “Thomas Mustain clearly had his origins in the British Isles in terms of immediate lineage. I believe he belonged to the family of Taine’s recorded in Bermuda, Barbados, and Jamaica. Both Thomas and Jesse were Anglicans not Jewish neither were they Morisco or Melungeon.” I think we can assume that Thomas was not a “blue blood.”

      I look forward to knowing more about sources of your descent. Especially if there is some family research that could be helpful to others if added to this blog.

      Your cousin,

    • Hi Robyn,

      My name is Krista Phillips and I am married to Tracy Phillips who’s mother is a Mustaine (Donna J. Mustaine-Phillips) thru Avery/Haley (if I remember right, lol), I was just looking thru all the blogs and I know this blog is from 2013 but I just thought I’d post this anyway. The Indian Princess legend you speak of is true she is the daughter of Bucksinwa Cornstalk (brother to Tecumseh, sons of Hokolesqua Cornstalk). Her name was Agnes Saulteaux (Saludy) and she married Thomas Mustain “The Longhunter” . So she is the original Saludy name that keeps popping over the generations. Lots of history to explore from there!! Have fun!!


        • Clark is my gggpa. & maybe one of Tecumschs sons Thomas Mustain 1713 or 1730 . He took them to Pittsylvania,Va. Thomas gave land for a church .An they ran them out because of the Indians children. I though he left family kicked he out !!!!!

  4. So delighted to have found your site. It is beautifully done and I’m eager to continue reading and learning all I can from your research. I am a descendant of Thomas’ son Jesse. Jesse & Jenny were my 4xg grandparents > Susanna Mustain & John Walker Goodwin > Grief Hickman Goodwin & Achsah Price > Pauline Goodwin & William Marshall > Noda Marshall & O.O. Gibbons > Harlee Gibbons & Shirley L. Lemke. Thanks again.

    • Cathy, thanks for posting about your family branch! I see you’ve added another note on the page “Can You Add These Details?” with military history for Grief Hickman Goodwin. I’ll pull those details into a post and run it by you for any input. I’m trying now to format some comments into posts, so it will be easier for others to find names and dates when searching.

    • Judy, I’m glad you left a comment! The next post will be details of Thomas Mustain’s Historic Home. If you have the chance, please leave another comment and tell us how you’re descended from Thomas and related to our extended family.

  5. Hi. Only recently did I discover a Mustain great-grandfather in my family tree. Wonderful! Greetings, dear cousins. Since you are the Mustain genealogy pros, may I ask you to help me sort out some dates? Reading your pages I see that all your dates begin in the 18th century (1700s) while all of mine start in the 17th century (1600s.) Am I missing an entire generation? Let me show you the data t I’ve been going by, although I could imagine you have other documents that establish the 1700s dates. .

    The link above will take you to an image of the Baptism record for Thomas Bruce, Thomas and Mary Mustain’s grandson. It says November 6, 1664. There are some other baptismal records, and immigration data that relatives appear to have uploaded to Here are a few other “marker dates”

    Thomas Mustain 1615 – 1638
    Mary Haley 1610 – 1638
    Thomas Bruce 1664 – 1725 (
    Born 7 Sep ,1690 in Portsoy, Fordyce, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
    Immigrates to Norfolk, Virginia in 1607
    Died Sep ,1748 (or ’44?) in Winchester, Frederick, Virginia

    Thanks for your help.

  6. Hi Rebecca and fellow extended family members,

    I’ve posted a public tree on linked above with a lot of information about my Mustain line:

    1. Thomas Mustain
    2. Avery Mustain
    3. Thomas Edward Mustain
    4. William W. Mustain
    5. Joseph B. Mustain
    6. Charles Palmer Mustain
    7. Otho Ernest Mustain
    8. Charles Watson Mustain
    9. Me

    There are several pictures there – portraits, headstones, documents, etc. I hope to add one soon of William W. Mustain (1829-1868) that a distant cousin has kindly offered. If anyone who sees this post has a photo of Thomas Edward Mustain (1798-1870) or Charles Palmer Mustain (1876-1950), I’d love to receive a copy.

    I visited Pittsylvania County, VA in 2009, and have photos of Thomas’, Jesse’s, and Avery’s homes. I also located and photographed Avery’s burial site. I have a map to these places for those who plan to make the trip. I also went to the County Courthouse in Chatham and photographed the original wills of Thomas and Avery. These are both posted on my tree.

    Rebecca – thanks for putting this site together and helping us connect! The link to Delores Mustaine’s research is very helpful. I’m happy to share what I’ve learned and hopefully will pick up some new knowledge through this site.

    All the best,

    Chris Mustain
    Fairfax, VA

    • Chris, I’m glad you posted a comment! It’s exciting to know another Mustain who is interested in our family history. I’m especially interested to know that you also descended from Avery.

      Thanks for including the link to your research.

      I need to reorganize details about the historic homes and update this blog. I have a photo of Avery’s headstone and directions, but I’d love to post your map for others.

      I look forward to any collaboration in our past and future research.


  7. Help! I think I am a descendant of Jesse Mustain but I cannot find documents linking Susana Mustain, wife of Walter Goodwin, to Jesse Mustain. Do you have a will from Jesse listing Susana or any other document that lists Susana as the daughter of Jesse?

  8. Straus, yes. We have research. Jesse was born in 1750 and died in Jun 1794. He did not leave a will, but Delores M. Mustaine’s book, The descendants of Thomas Mustain of Pittsylvania County, Virginia, is now in digital form and can be found online at the following link. Her book includes details on Jesse’s family. Begin with the Table of Contents, the 3rd page in the PDF to see page numbers. Note that this is not the “page numbered 3,” but the 3rd page in the document.

    See also the post on this site under “others’ research” for Carolyn McKenzie’s very detailed search. I’d suggest that you being with her “tree view,” since it’s easier to search by names in alphabetic order.

    Back to Delores’ book…see page numbered 128. Susanna is clearly listed as the 3rd generation): Thomas’ grandchild and Jesse’s daughter. Walker Goodwin is shown as her husband, so I assume there’s some variation/confusion about his first name:

    B-7 SUSANNA MUSTAIN, (Jesse 2, Thomas 1), daughter of Jesse & Jenney
    Mustain, was born ca 1785. She married April 2, 1803, Walker Goodwin.
    1810 Pittsylvania County Tax List, suppliment to census.
    Walker Goodwin 1 – 0 –

    See also page numbered 55
    Jesse Mustain did not leave a will. There is an inventory of his estake, dated February 19, 1798. This document is in Pittsylvania County.

    The commissioners were: Crispin Shelton, Vincent Shelton, Griffith Dickenson.

    Some who made purchases at the sale of his possessions were:
    Polly Mustain and William Dove
    John Patterson and Avery Mustain
    Jerry Barbour and Avery Mustain
    James Bruce Jr.
    Avery Mustain and Jesse Keese
    William Todd
    Zachariah Irby and William Gregory
    David Pannill
    Armisted Shelton & Vincent Shelton
    Polly Mustain and Robert Bruce
    Charles Lewis and Frederick Sutton.

    I’m not sure if Jesse fought in the Revolutionary War. I find no records, though his father donated a firearm. Here is a post on our family blog:

    Jesse’s younger brother (my ancestor), Avery’s, war record is online.

    This post has a map to show Jesse’s home location, in relation to Thomas’ and Avery’s.

    So glad to “meet” you through our family blog!

  9. I’m Stephen E Dalton. I’m a descendant of Saludy Mustain, the daughter of Avery Mustain. She married Samuel Dalton, my ggggrandfather around 1809. I’m glad to have discovered this site. I hope to learn a lot about my Mustain ancestors in the coming years.

    • Stephen, hello! I’m glad you’ve found this blog. I hope you’ll check back. I’ll be adding details as I have the opportunity.

      Please see my more detailed reply to your note on the article about Avery’s grave site.

  10. Back in the middle of the last decade, I visited Shadrack Mustain grave located in the Goshen Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery in Wilton Missouri. Shadrack, of course, is Saludy’s brother and Avery’s son. The church is located way out in the country, and is easy to miss, so have your maps and GPS ready to go to find it.

  11. I am a descendant of Thomas Mustain and Mary Haley as follows:
    Saluda/Saludy & Claiborne/Claborn Shelton (Whatever spellings or variations are used. lol)
    Henly Shelton & Elizabeth
    Marquis Shelton & Melvina Cable
    Ida Florence Shelton & Thomas Ellsworth Smith
    Coleman Faye Smith & Neva Durkee
    George Smith & Julia Charlene Hales/Lamon
    Sadie Arlene Smith & Frank Lovette
    (me)Jennifer Lovette

    * I am cousins with Sara Smith Stone as her father Elbert Leon Smith and my mother Sadie Arlene Smith were brother and sister.

    • Jennifer, thanks for leaving a comment. I’m glad to meet you online! Please let me know if you have any documents or photos to share for this blog.

      For our family blog readers, Sara Stone’s comment is 2nd on the Note to Family page (dated February 28, 2013).

      And directly below Sara’s comment and my reply is a comment from Jana Shelton Frankson (dated June 24 2014). Jana shares the first two generations with Jennifer Lovette and Sara Smith Stone…Thomas and Saludy.

      (Jana Shelton Frankson’s comment)

      Sarah Smith, I too am descended from Claiborne and Saludy Mustain as follows:
      Thomas Mustain & Mary Haley
      Claiborne Shelton & Saludy Mustain
      John Shelton (brother of Henley) & Catherine Mossbarger
      Wayne Shelton & Mary Hopkinson (from England)
      William Shelton & Lucetta Allison
      Henry Shelton & Rachel Rosetta Welsh
      Wilbur Shelton & Katherine Lucille Whalen
      Michael Thurston Shelton & Kadriye Bedriye Cale (from Istanbul, Turkey)
      (me) January Laine Shelton (Franks)

  12. What a happy surprise to discover all these marvelous French ancestors and Huguenots, to boot! I have been exploring various lines for the past twenty-five years, most recently becoming a member of the Jamestowne Society. I was exploring a gr-gr-grandmother’s ancestry, whose mother was Coley Mustain, daughter of Thomas Mustain, then Jesse, and Thomas. Within those lines I have LeGrand, Michaux, Rochet, Trufet, Irby, Haley, Chandler, and happily two more JS supplements (amongst several others): John Chandler and William Cox. Both of these I found by following my Mustain line! I live not too far from Pittsylvania County, an area where I also have many Ward, Adams, and Lynch ancestors. I am so thrilled to know that a Mustain house still stands and would love to visit.

  13. Hello
    My name is Thomas Alexander Mustain, son of Stephen Dennis Mustain, grandson to Robert Dennis Mustain. I’m very much interested in my family lineage and have found some interesting information here and elsewhere. Thank you for your great work!

    • Thomas, I’m glad to meet you though the blog!

      Can you tell me how you’re descended from our paternal ancestor, Thomas Mustain, down to Robert Dennis Mustain? I’m wondering which of the earlier generations we may share.

      Many thanks are due to the three most meticulous and dedicated Mustain researchers I’ve found: Delores M. Mustaine, Carolyn McKenzie and George Mustain. Over the 25 years that George was actively involved in family research, he was a correspondent of both Delores and Carolyn. If you have yet to see the links to their research, here is a post:

      I look forward to knowing more about your descent from Thomas Mustain of Pittsylvania County.

      Your cousin, Rebecca

  14. Hi Rebecca – I stumbled on your blog today! What a find. I also descend from Thomas Mustain through Avery and then through his daughter Saluda who married Samuel Dalton. I’m looking forward to reading through all your posts. Do you send out an email reminder when something new is posted? I’d like to be added to that list. By chance when I was visiting my husband’s brother in the Meadows of Dan in Virginia I realized we were quite close to the Mustain homes. I went to the library and did some research and then found Jesse’s home. It was so exciting to see it. Anyway, thanks for all that your doing. Lisa

    • Lisa, hello! It’s great to meet you though this blog. It’s very much a work in process, and some articles need to be updated for more-recently found information and/or added resources.

      There’s not an official news feed or email list, but I’ll be glad to drop you an email when any new article is added or articles are updated.

      Chris Mustain, also a descendant of Avery, has visited all three of the Mustain homes and has posted photos of them on his tree, if you’re a member. Here is the link to his tree:

      Here’s the link to a Pinterest board with some entries, and plans to expand for only deceased ancestors…to avoid any privacy issues. Note that I’m learning the best way to add clickable links to get you back to the source file on Find-a-Grave, or wherever, not just defaulting into the general site URL.

      You probably have this link for Samual Dalton, born in 1792:

      However, I had not seen this photo, which was sent to me by another cousin/descendant:

      I look forward to staying in touch,

  15. I’m new to your site but I think take the Mustain line in a different direction.

    Thomas Mustain and Mary Haley had 8 children
    Avery Mustain (son) married Mary Shelton and had 7 children
    Haley Mustain (son) married Elizabeth Butcher and had 7 children
    Haley and Elizabeth moved to Marion, OH where they eventually died
    Calvin B.Mustain (son) married Nancy Walker of Delaware and they had 8 Children.
    One of which was my Great Great-Grandfather Nathan Taylor Mustain.
    Nathan Married Sara Cleveland (cousin to Grover) in Marion, OH. They had one child together, Cora Smilda Mustain before they divorced. There a still a number of Mustain living in the Marion, OH area according to Mary (Mustain) Van Horn.

    • Mike, it’s great to meet you through the blog! I’ve just found this FB Group of Mustains, and it doesn’t look like you’ve had a chance to join. Here’s a link:

      I’ve seen a number of posts, newspaper articles, excerpts from “pioneer” books, etc. on the Mustains, who migrated to OH.

      My line came from Rev. Shadrack, while yours was from his brother Haley. I’ve thought of them being brothers and wondered what their family experience was like. It’s interesting to see that Sara Cleveland was a cousin to Gover Cleveland.

      I’ve found different lists for Thomas Mustain’s children, including a few different spellings. I trust George Mustain’s research, and here is his link, with 11 offspring, if you’d like to compare that to what you’ve seen earlier. Avery’s listed, of course, with the links to his family…George had found nine children.

      I’m glad you’re interested in our Mustain history, and I look forward to staying in touch as we might have the chance.

      Your cousin,

  16. I am descended on two lines:
    Thomas Mustain
    Avery Mustain
    Mary Mustain
    Margaret Dove
    Basheby Saunders
    Nora Jones
    James Monroe Rowland
    Annie Rowland Saunders
    Janice Saunders Davis

    The other line
    Thomas Mustain
    Avery Mustain
    Mary Mustain
    Margaret Dove
    William Saunders
    Amos Saunders
    John Saunders
    William Saunders
    Janice Saunders

    The Rowland family still live in the area that the Mustain house is in. I live in the Town of Altavista.

  17. I just discovered your site. I am descended from Thomas Mustain through his daughter, Anna who married William Buckner then:
    James M Buckner and Lavina Susana West
    Jesse Buckner and Rhoda Grimsley
    Jesse Avery Buckner and Emily Anner Davis
    Arthur Lamond Buckner and Edith Gillard
    Lamond Wayne Buckner and Fay McDaniel
    Arthur Blaine Buckner and Joanne Clark
    I am contacting you mostly to let you know I am out here in cyberland. And, yes, I am the same Kent Buckner who is mentioned at the first of this page debunking the idea that Anna Mustain married Jeremiah Buckner. She was married only once, and that was to William Buckner.
    Happy Trails to you!
    Cousin Kent Buckner

    • Kent, hello! And thanks for leaving a comment. :)

      You may have seen that I’m descended from Thomas Mustain, through his son, Avery. Then my generations are: Rev. Shadrack M. Mustain, Joseph Devin Mustain, Nathaniel Baxter Mustain (Civil War veteran), his son Nathaniel Baxter Musteen, Joe Brown Musteen and me (the oldest of four children).

      I’ll send you some links to our Mustain Facebook page, a board on Pinterest, etc. We have several great collections of Mustain research. You, or any of our cousins, may contact me at

  18. Hello, I believe that I may have emailed you before through another site, but I could be wrong. I am a 7th great granddaughter of Mildred Mustain and Jesse Keesee. I have been trying to find info on Mildred Mustain’s parents without much success. I have read in several blogs that she has ties to Powhatan and Pocahontas, and was wondering if you could tell me if this is correct or not or where I could go to research and obtain information on the Mustain and Haley families.

    Thank you in advance for your help!


    • Debbie, hi,
      I haven’t read or seen anything about Mildred Mustain having ties to Powhatan and/or Pocahontas. I’ve searched Delores’ book for any reference, when a cousin wrote that she grew up with stories of a Native American princess in her history.

      We have research from Delores M Mustaine’s book and from George Randolph Mustain, which shows that Mildred was the daughter of Thomas Averleigh Mustain and Mary Haley. We also have Thomas’ will.

      I haven’t personally seen any valid source to prove the birth year and location for Thomas Mustain (and so no definite line to his parents or their earlier generations…though there is at least one link that some use and may consider correct.

      See this blog post:

      As noted in Delores’ book, Thomas first appears in a 1748 list of “tithables.”

      George Mustain’s research lists Mary Haley’s parents as:

      Father: William HALEY b: 1700 in Mordecai’s Mt.,Ware Parish,Gloucester,VA
      Mother: Mary THOMASON

      You can use the following link to see those names and go up and down the generations:

      To read what’s included in Delores M. Mustaine’s Book, about Mildred Mustain, her marriage and details, use the following links.
      I’ve pasted the first part, so you can see where to begin reading.

      Page numbered 7
      MILDRED MUSTAIN E. MILDRED “MILLIE” MUSTAIN, (Thomas 1) daughter of Thomas and Mary (?) Mustain, was born sometime between 1770 and 1880, she died 1838, and her estate was appraised (Inventory Bk 13, page 131), August 20, 1838, Pittsylvania County, Virginia. She married Jesse Keesee, born 1750, either King George or Amelia County, Virginia, his will proved 1829. KEESEE FAMILY – The Keesee Family is one of the oldest families in America. They were of the French Hugenot family, and were members of the founders of the Protestant Religion in America. They fled Europe for religious freedom in the 16th and 17th century. They went first to Barbadoes in the 1600’s, later coming to America. George Keesee is believed to have been the first to come to America. Richard Keesee was in Richmond, Virginia 1750 as he sold land there in the year of 1750. He migrated to the part of Virginia which became Pittsylvania County. He died May 18, 1789 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. His will can be found in Pittsylvania County Court House…

      See the following link for Mildred Mustain’s Marriage and Children = Source George Randolph Mustain Research

      If I should find anything I believe to be a proven source of Thomas Mustain’s parents/earlier generations or more on Mary Haley’s family, I’ll make a note to let you know.

      Your cousin, through Avery Mustain,

  19. MY GR GR Grfather surname on his motherside is Mustain. Her Father was Clark Mustain Wife Louisa Dodd I Have some Information . E-mail

    • Thanks for leaving a comment here and on the post about Avery Mustain’s will. I’ll email, so you can share any added details. If you’re not a member of The Mustain’s Facebook Group, I’ll send a link, if you’d like to join.

      Avery was my 4th-great-grandfather.

      Your cousin,

  20. All I can say is WOW, I have learned more about my Mustaine ancestors in the last hour than I had my entire life. Thank you so much, Its an amazing new sensation to feel connected to a family and history I’ve never known much about. I am descended from Thomas as follows-
    Avery S. Mustain
    Haley Mustain
    Meakin Ashley Mustaine
    George Washington Mustaine
    Harry Allen Mustaine
    Walter ‘Bud’ Mustaine
    Donetta Marie Mustaine (McGee) My Mother
    My mom gave me the middle name Mustaine because my grandfather Bud was the only son out of four children and he had three kids all girls. My mom didn’t want her family name to end with her and her sisters. Once again thank you so much for taking the time to put this treasure trove of history together.

    Danny Mustaine McGee Oakland, CA

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