Map Location of Thomas, Jesse and Avery Mustain Historic Homes

The wonderful map below was shared by Chris Mustain (a descendant of Avery), who visited Thomas’, Jesse’s and Avery’s historic homes. This link will take you to a full-size PDF image, if you’d like to share with others in our family or download for your research records. Please state the source as Chris Mustain, Fairfax, VA, 2009, and note that all three homes and Avery’s grave are on private properties.

From page 3 of Delores M. Mustaine’s book:

Thomas Mustain’s home is still standing in Pittsylvania County, Virginia even though it was built nearly 200 years ago. Thomas Mustain’s home was built ca 1769, his son Jesse built ca 1791, his son Avery, built 1788 and his son-in-law’s, father, Littleberry Patterson built his home 1789. These houses are all within 15 miles of each other.

Thomas, Jesse and Avery Mustain Homes

Thomas, Jesse and Avery Mustain Historic Homes. See link to full-size PDF shared by Chris Mustain. Includes Avery’s grave site.

These following excerpts are from Delores’ book, page 2.

In the 1750’s Halifax County was mostly wilderness. Most people were uneducated, there were no schools, and for some time no churches. Homes were small, and built of lumber found on the land. Some did own slaves and some were wealthy.

Thomas Mustain appears to be educated. He signed his own name and owned books, leading us to believe he was an educated man…

Thomas’ 1753 Land Grant

Thomas Mustain received his first land grant February 5, 1753 from King George II of England, signed by Robert Dinwiddle. It consisted of 400 acres in Luneburg County, on Poplar Branch of Mill Creek.

He appears in the March Court Record for Halifax County, Virginia 1753 as follows: “Petition: That a good road be laid off from Stinking River Ford to Cody’s Ford on Stauton River and John Adams, Leonard Terrence and Thomas Musten being first sworn in before Magistrates of this court, view the way and report their opinion. (History of Pittsylvania County by Maud Carter Clements).

Thomas’ 1756 Land Patent with Link to Scan of Original Document

On November 26, 1756 (Delores was mistaken…the date was November 29), Thomas Mustain acquired his second land grant from George II of England, again signed by Governor Robert Dinwiddle. Again it was for 400 acres….”in Halifax County on both sides of Stinking River….corner of Lightfoot’s…crossing Stinking River….crossing a large north branch…” (Virginia Land Patents, Vol. 34, p. 156). For this land grant Thomas paid 40 shillings. (Rebecca’s note. Though Delores called this a land grant, see that it was recorded in Virginia Land Patents. Scroll to page 2 of this link to see an image of the original patent, shared by John Roberts, most recent owner of Thomas Mustain’s historic home. Patents were different than land grants, in that patents were from the King, while grants were from the government. We also see the term “Crown Grant,” which seems to set this type of transaction apart. Those details are on page 1 of the summary and in the footer below the handwritten image of the original document. Here is the typed text of the 1756 land patent. You may share links or images of these documents with other family researchers or download for your records. Please state the source as John Roberts, owner of Thomas Mustain Home, 2013.)

Thomas’ 3rd Land Tract

Another tract was added April 4, 1770. “Jessey Patey (Pottey) and Delila (his wife) of Camden Parish, Pittsylvania County to Thomas Mustain of same for L2C current money, 170 acres on both sides of Nix’s Creek….James Dosses line up both sides of the creek for quantity.” It was Witnessed by Crispin Shelton, Thos (X) Hardy, Abra. Shelton, Simeon Justice, Jane Shelton. The deed was acknowledged August 30, 1770. (Deed Book 1, p. 514-15, Pittsylvania County, Virginia).

Thomas’ will outlined the disbursement of land owned at his death.