Thomas Mustain’s Daughter: Anna Mustain 1750

[May 13, 2016 note on this post, which needs to be rewritten, when time allows.]

Please see several comments from Ben Buckner, Kent Buckner and other family members. Contents of this article have not yet been fully compared and updated to agree with all of the added data.

—– [Original post]

Anna Mustain was born about 1750 in Pittsylvania Co. VA, and this source estimates her death in about 1800 in KY. Carolyn Mckenzie’s (tree-format) research agrees with 1750, but lists no year of death.

Anna was listed In Thomas Mustain’s 1791 will, so we know she was living at that time.

To son Avery Mustain and daughters Anna Buckner, Milly Keesee, Tabetha Bruce, Winney Lewis, and Saludy Shelton one equal part of the money from the sale of the land;

There’s some confusion in online records about Anna’s marriage. The rootsweb/ link that I used above to show her birth year lists her marriage to William Buckner II, not William Buckner.

Both Delores Mustaine’s research (page 6) and Carolyn Mckenzie’s “tree format” research* agree that she married William Buckner on Sep 9, 1782 in Pittsylvania Co., VA. Delores and Carolyn also list a marriage (same date) to Jeremiah Bucknor. Delores has crossed this out and added a hand-written note, based on information from Kent Buckner, provided Feb13,1996.

From Kent’s input we know that Anna and William Buckner’s son, James. married Lavina West on Nov 4, 1805 in Green Go. KY. If you click on link # 19 below, Carolyn gives the marriage date as Nov 5, 1804.

From a reader of this blog, we know that Anna’s daughter, Mary Buckner, married Henry Spencer Sullivan.  They first lived in Knoxville, TN area and had a son Henry II, who was married twice. Henry II later moved to Southern IN, Bloomington area. His first wife had two children, Nancy and Dennis Sullivan.

If we look at Carolyn McKenzie’s list-format research, we see two marriages, but the years are 1768 to William Buckner and 1782 to Jeremiah Bucknor. I have to doubt the marriage to Jeremiah Bucknor, because Anna’s last two children are named Buckner and born in 1782 and 1785. It would seem that Anna was married only once, in 1768.

ANNA2 MUSTAIN (THOMAS1) was born Abt. 1750 in Pittsylvania Co., VA, and died 186-1820 in KY. She married (1) WILLIAM BUCKNER Abt. 1768 in Pittsylvania Co., VA. She married (2) JEREMIAH BUCKNOR September 09, 1782 in Pittsylvania Co., VA.
Children of ANNA MUSTAIN and WILLIAM BUCKNER are (click the number links to the left of a child to see more on his/her descendents. Where there are no links, this research did not find more details):



PRESLEY3 BUCKNER, b. June 06, 1769, Washington Co., NC; d. January 07, 1838, Martinsville, Morgan Co., IN.


MATILDA BUCKNER, b. 1770, VA; m. LITTLEBERRY COX, 1790-1795, VA.




HALEY BUCKNER, b. 1773, Washington Co., VA; d. April 15, 1819, Simpsonville, Jefferson Co., KY.








JOHN BUCKNER, b. 1778.






JAMES M. BUCKNER, b. 1785, VA; d. Bef. 1850, IN.

More about Anna’s Husband, William Buckner

Carolyn McKenzie shows William Buckner’s birth as: 1745, VA, and his death as Apr 1822, Green, KY.  There is a Revolutionary War record for William Buckner, Pittsylvania Co., VA, BUT it was filed on Oct 20, 1829…seven years after Carolyn shows William’s death.

The William Buckner, who was a resident in Pittsylvania Co. VA at the time this pension application for Revolutionary War Service was filed, was born in 1760 (he was age 69 on Jul 4,1829, according to the application). We see above that Anna and William’s son, William Jr., was born in 1774.  Could the war veteran be a cousin from the local area?

* When you use the “tree” view of Carolyn Mckenzie’s research, click inside the tree box after it loads the information (you’ll see a bar inside the top of the box as all the information is added), then type F to see an alphabetical list of names. Other directions are on the page, but the need to click inside the box before typing F to get the full, alphabet-order list is not clear.


9 thoughts on “Thomas Mustain’s Daughter: Anna Mustain 1750

  1. Thank you for the clear-headed, comparative research of Anna Mustain and William Buckner’s family. I was getting very frustrated with the conflicting dates I was finding online. I was able to give citations in my chart now to the research of Delores Mustain and Carolyn Mckenzie which will prevent me from wondering later “where did I get this date.” Thank you.

    Great blog. I will be checking back for more Mustain info. I am related to Anna and William through their son, James Buckner. – Kathleen McQuillan-Hofmann

    • Kathleen, I’m glad the details in Anna’s article helped with your own research. You’re certainly not the only one who has struggled with some of the online dates. A descendent through Anna’s daughter, Mary, has worked to see how everything could fit in her own branch. It seems, as far as I can find, that we know less about Anna and a few of Thomas’ other daughters.

      What really threw me for a while was the William Buckner pension application. I finally had to just sit down with notes on all the persons and dates and really compare.

      What a treasure we have in both Delores Mustaine’s and Carolyn Mckenzie’s research! I have noticed a few places where Carolyn might have slightly different details from one version of her research to another…for example from the descending generation view to the tree-format view…perhaps a death year one place and not another. I can just imagine how difficult and time-consuming it was for her to enter and format all that information! I mention this only to say that as you use her research, you may want to check between the different formats.

      I love to know how you fit into our extended family! If you have or find any stories, photos or links that would be good to share on this blog, I’ll be glad to add them.

  2. There is quite a bit of obviously wrong stuff published on the web about William Buckner and Anna Mustain. The whole “Jeremiah Buckner” thing is way off – as far as I know, that person never even existed. He’s apparently the product of a misreading of a Washington County court record. The problem is that there were two William Buckners living in Pitts. area at one time, the one who married Anna Mustain and died in Green Co. KY in 1822 and the other who was the Revolutionary War veteran and probably died in Washington Co. VA around 1836. They were either uncle and nephew or father and son. I personally prefer the former view since the second William was a little too old to have reasonably been William and Anna’s son. (Many Buckner researchers “massage” estimates of Anna Mustain’s birth year for this reason.) Pension records show that William the Revolutionary was born around 1761. The elder William was perhaps born in the 1740s.
    But leaving that aside, William and Anna had two fairly well confirmed children, Susannah Buckner (married Jesse Bridges) and James M. Buckner, who married Lavina West and died in Indiana. They’re known from KY marriage and land records. They apparently both have living descendants. I’m pretty sure there were other children, but William apparently was involved in trade down the Mississippi River and there are some pretty large gaps in his history that haven’t been filled in yet. You will often see dozens (not exaggerating…) of other children listed for him, but chances are many or most of those really belonged to an older brother of his who seems to have died around the time of in the Revolution.

  3. The key fact that’s wrong in the data above is that Haley Buckner was born in 1759, according to his tombstone, not 1773. That’s why most people have rejected the idea that he was William and Anna’s son. Now, the reason why Presley, Mary, and William are sometimes included in William and Anna’s family is that they were pretty obviously brothers and sisters of Haley, so once you see that Haley probably wasn’t William and Anna’s, you really have move them into the “uncertain” pile. I think they were probably nieces and nephews of the elder William, who had at least 2 and probably 3 brothers.
    At any rate, I think the general poor reliability of the source of this information should be apparent. I don’t know who those other people are supposed to be, but I think a few of them are children of Henry Buckner. Like I said, the only ones that are really confirmable are James M. and Susannah Buckner, and most of the rest of them are guesses, often rather bad ones.
    You might look at which has a lot of the background information.

    • Ben, thanks for this post and the one below (with link to research). I agree with finding a lot of confusion when I looked for details of Anna and family.

      Until I can compare your posts in detail with the article above and make adjustments, I’ll add a note to any readers to see your posts.


      Your (several generations removed)cousin Rebecca

  4. There is confusion that Anna Mustain married someone named Jeremiah Buckner. Thomas Mustain’s will in 1791 names Anna Buckner and Mary Ann Mustain as his daughters. Anna was married to William Buckner at that time but Mary Ann was not married. However, Mary Ann married Jeremiah Barker 9 Sept 1794 in Pittsylvania County, VA. The marriage record lists her as Anne Mustain. It is this entry where the confusion occurs: confusing Anna for (Mary) Ann and supposing the entry refers to the same woman. There has also been a misreading of Jeremiah’s surname as Buckner, when in fact it is Barker. Thus the misconception that Anna married both William Buckner and Jeremiah (Buckner). Jeremiah Buckner does not exist but Jeremiah Barker does, and he married Anna’s sister, Mary Ann. Here is the link to the source information in, found in Virginia Marriages 1785-1940

    Hopefully this solves the problem.

    Kent Buckner

  5. One more thing about Anna and William Buckner: They sign a deed in 1816 in Green County, KY. This shows that Anna was still married to William, and not to the fictitious Jeremiah Buckner. They also witness the marriage of their son, James, in 1804 in Green County, KY

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